Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movie Reviews and Gym Frustrations

The 31 miles in 31 days challenge is going well and is almost over! Be sure and update your mileage on the spreadsheet. Click here! Prizes include a cool bumper sticker for all participants, itunes gift cards, and bondi bands.

The bumper stickers came from Build A Sign. I was approached by Megan at Build A Sign to try a product and give a review. I was given bumper stickers for each of the participants in my 31 Miles in 31 Days challenge. **Disclaimer** I was not paid for this review. These thoughts are all my own.

Build A Sign is a great and VERY user friendly website. It was easy to design the bumper stickers and they look awesome! I will post a pic once the challenge is completed (I want to keep them a surprise until then!) Check out build a sign for personalized magnets, window clings, bumper stickers, signs, etc.

I will begin emailing out the swap buddies tomorrow and I will email a questionnaire for you guys to fill out to help your swap partner pick you out something fabulous!

This weekend I rented lots of movies with the kids and we watched movies until we dropped! We watched Alpha and Omega, which was really cute (LittleMan has watched it 4 times since). I highly recommend this. I read a recommendation from Tall Mom and she was right on!

We also watched Ramona and Beezus. It was fantastic. I loved this movie! If you, like me, have the "good kid" and "strong willed child" you will totally relate.

Another movie we watched was Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I was totally disappointed in this movie. I found the main character to be rude, self-centered, a horrible friend, and he had some terrible misplaced values. I give this a giant thumbs down. Has anyone watched this movie and liked it?? Hated it???

And finally, the gym has been going well, but has been interesting. First of all, there is the older man with one lung (seriously...he told me) who picks the nicest treadmill (there are only 4...only 2 you can run on) and walks slowly while reading the paper. He's very nice, but it annoys me. Especially when he takes a break to go outside and smoke a cigarette. UGH!

Then, Friday, there was a woman to got on that same treadmill in jeans and a hoodie. Seriously??? You could get that kind of workout on one of the not-so-fancy treadmills. There was a guy on the other running treadmill walking also. I was so frustrated!

I know I should be glad that they are getting out there, and I really am. But, it frustrates me!! I am trying my best to get a better attitude. : )

I hope you are all having a great week!! Melissa


Christine said...

I watched some fidiot talking on his cell phone while hogging one of the better exercise machines today and I thought...'what is needed here is a little motivation, perhaps a trainer with a cattle prod" Then I thought of jillian. lol. I haven't seen any of those movies. I haven't seen many movies with good values lately. I will look into ramona and beezus. I have a strong willed (Older) and good kid (younger)

Ms. M said...

There is a lady at our gym that does the same thing. Drives me batty. But I figure at least she's there, lol.

Danielle said...

Last week while on the arctrainer an older, stinky man, got on next to me blaring his Ipod...I could totally hear the base over my Ipod. He got off for a while and I was relived and could finally get into my rhythm...when he returned stinkier and louder than ever. Then the next day I get on the elliptical when a couple of teenage girls get on and have no idea what they are doing...would not stop laughing and being annoying discussing boys and frustrations... so I moved to the treadmill where a woman talked on her cell phone the whole time. Needless to say this week I made it to the gym by 5:00 am when only the "serious" people are there. I'm enjoying it much better.

Danielle said...

there are always people at the gym that just don't get it. Honestly it has probably never crossed their mind that others can't use the "bad" treadmills for specific things like RUNNING. They just want the good ones too ... LOL

seriously, who smokes while working out?

Amber said...

I usually went at 6am and had only polite people there. But any time I went later, I was completely annoyed by at least one or two people.

I'll have to check out those kids movies! Well not the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Thanks for the heads up!

Have a great week!

Missy said...

OH, that is frustrating! Pick the walking treadmills if you want to walk, and stick to a reasonable amount of time. Frustrating!!

teacherwoman said...

I still want to see Ramona and Beezus! I read all those books when I was younger. I wonder if the BF will watch it with me?! :)

Cheryl said...

Gym+jeans don't mix!

livelaughloveandrun said...

I'm sorry for your gym frustrations!! If you're really looking for a run and neither treadmill is open, maybe you could nicely ask if you could use that one. Then, maybe they'll see that they're taking a "running treadmill."

Wendy said...

I saw an actress that reminded me so much of you the other day, and now I can't think of her name.

Darlene said...

My gym has a bunch of old treadmills but only ONE usable one (I need a shelf to watch my ipod touch & hold a water bottle). Lucky for me, if I go before work, it is free. After work, no dice. There's any annoying women (who puts a towel over the top) who takes it & stays on forever. She could use the other ones but won't.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Glad you liked it... So we got Starz for Free I watched Area 51 and cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, both AWESOME!!


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