Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Best Things in Life are Free

I got the mail on Tuesday and had two great surprises amongst all of the junk. Remember when I went to Chilis and had less than stellar service? Well, I went to their website and filled out a customer complaint, and I am happy to report that I received the nicest letter and included was $20 in gift certificates! That was about the total of my bill ($10 cocktail! Talk about sticker shock upon getting the bill!) I am very pleased with the speedy response!

Secondly, I had the nicest note from a Chobani rep on an adorable Chobani note card! I scored some free Chobani in a Cho and Tell contest on Twitter (follow Chobani on twitter...they rock!) and a cute magnet. The best part was the handwritten notecard!

And finally, I have a free and highly motivating running coach. I left home around 6:30 pm Monday night and halfway through my run, a bee got after me. Anytime I would show signs of slowing, he would try to land on my leg or arm and it scared me to death! I was highly motivated to run at a decent pace. This morning (National Running Day...did you celebrate?) I was about halfway through and after running by the same house as Monday, there was yet another bee. This bee was really fond of the 8-8:30 minute mile. Needless to say, that pace didn't last too very long....maybe .3 miles? I have GOT to plan a new route!

My last story, and then I swear this is over. A week or so ago, I left home around 6:30 pm and the hubby warned me to watch for snakes because the neighbors had killed a few in the last few days. So, not far from home, I hear leaves rustle and see a slimy little head poke up out of the leaves. I freaked out. Picture flailing arms, squealing, etc. I go back home and get the hubby and he gets a gun and follows me to the scene of the crime. He moves the leaves (with a beer bottle kindly left by someone in the ditch) and there we find it.....a turtle. I felt like an idiot! :)

Here's hoping you celebrated safely today! :) Melissa


Amber said...

Nice surprises!
What a good running coach. One that gets you running out of fear.
Glad he didn't "get" ya!

And you can never be too carful around turtles :-}
Better safe than sorry though!

Hope you have a great week.

misszippy said...

Gotta watch those turtles! So funny. And where are the bees in races when we need them?

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Don't shoot the Turtle!! HEHEH!! Good things all around. Miss ya!! I have had zero time to read blogs lately, I so miss my Bloggy buddy interactions..

Shelley said...

Hey, turtles can be scary too! ;)

Glad that Chili's made good on their lousy service. Nice to hear that.

Christina said...

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