About Me(lissa)

Hey All,

Life With Melissa

Disclaimer: I’m no where near this young anymore.

I’m a 38 year old mother who got tired of getting her ass kicked by Sciatica, and decided to take life by the balls and fix my issues.

When I first started this blog, as evident by the title, I was planning on covering all walks of life, from gardening to health and knitting (not necessarily in that order). What I found instead was that I could barely walk at all, after an incident in my garden led to me pulling a muscle in my back – or so I thought. The resulting few weeks of back pain that never went away and stretched from the back of my glutes down my leg prompted me to visit my doctor, and I was diagnose with Sciatica.

At that point, I could have decided to either pack my bags and call it quits, depend on way too expensive medications, or try and see what the good old internet could dig up for me. Can you guess which one I picked?

I did my research (to be fair, I had the help of my daughters with wading through all the crap – and there is a LOAD of crap on the Internet folks) into various programs and methods that could help me out while trying to deal with my Sciatica. As I’ve written about on my blog, the best reviewed program that also turned out to help me the most was by far the Sciatica SOS program, a review of which I have up on this site. But I was also learning a lot of information about things such as yoga poses and stretches for sciatica, the most common medications that people don’t even consider, sleeping methods and pillows/mattresses for use, etc. I decided that since I was doing the work, I might as well turn around and be even more productive.

So that explains this website. It started with my dream of having a popular natural blog, and instead became a Sciatica hate blog, so to speak. I’m going to do my best to detail all the various ways you can beat Sciatica, or just learn more about it, so that other people out there don’t have to wade through the crap like I did.

Hopefully you’ll all benefit from my efforts.